FBI identified Florida man as alleged Capitol rioter thanks to his job as Michael Jackson impersonator and role in Jesus Christ Superstar

Yesterday, the FBI arrested James Beeks, 49, of Orlando, Florida, for his alleged role in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. According to prosecutors, Beeks is affiliated with the Oath Keepers. According to a US Justice Department report, one reason authorities were able to identify Beeks was because "unlike the camouflaged combat attire" worn by other rioters, Beeks was rocking a Michael Jackson "Bad" jacket. This makes sense because Beeks works as a Michael Jackson impersonator (video below). Authorities noted that he appeared in photos on social media wearing that same jacket. Hee hee.

The Feds were then able to track Beeks down thanks to his current job starring in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Beeks was using the stage name "James T. Justis" and played the part of Judas.

"Florida Man Arrested on Charges Related to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach" (Justice.gov)

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

top image: US DoJ