Mike Johnson, in way over his head, is no longer blurring faces of J6 rioters

Its taken months for Mike Johnson to realize that blurring the faces of Capitol rioters before releasing 5,000 hours of J6 video is a huge waste of time: the Department of Justice already has the raw footage.

But alas, the slow speaker finally came around, today announcing he released the unedited security camera footage, according Meidas Touch News.

Since December, Johnson — who has doggedly worked to protect the J6 insurrectionists — wasted taxpayer dollars by disingenuously hiring a team to go through the motions, painstakingly grubbing about in the mountains of footage to blur out faces of rioters who tried to help Donald Trump overturn the election.

But today, after he idiotically said three months ago, "We have to blur some faces of persons who participated in the events of that day because we don't want them to be retaliated against and to be charged by the DOJ," the 2020 Big Lie promoter has done an about-face (pun intended).

"The [House Administration Oversight Subcommittee] will no longer plan to blur the faces of individuals in the footage given the significant logistic hurdles involved and the importance of getting this work completed as responsibly and efficiently as possible," the befuddled lawmaker, in way over his head, said in a statement released today.

From Meidas Touch News:

Speaker Mike Johnson announced today that he has released 5,000 more hours of Capitol security camera footage after finally abandoning his efforts to blur out all the faces of the insurrectionists.

Johnson pledged to release "all the footage" when he became Speaker. However, he has only released a tiny fraction of it before today. …

Now, he has apparently realized that is simply not practical and is going to release the remaining footage without faces being blurred. The most incompetent Speaker in history is on quite a roll.