New J6 footage of MAGA mob is released — and it's not blurred (video)

New January 6 footage was released today, posted by NBC News reporter Ryan J. Reilly (see video below).

In this latest clip, the "tourists" who stormed the Capitol are seen pushing around their tour guides — aka the Capitol police — who try, but finally fail, to keep the invaders contained in a foyer. The real action is seen around the edges of this crowd, where the rioters overwhelm the outnumbered officers with apparent screaming, finger-pointing, and then sheer numbers that force them to move aside.

Contrary to Speaker Mike Johnson's claim yesterday that MAGA mugs would be blurred in any newly released videos to protect the insurrectionists against the DOJ, these faces are unfiltered. But according to Ryan, the footage was "released today in connection with a Capitol attack case," rather than for the public, which would explain the candid clip. Unfortunately, there is no sound, but even in silence it's clear once again that the few police officers were no match for this Trump-inspired mob.