Soured QAnon follower writes open letter to Trump: "This is starting to get very old"

At least one disillusioned QAnon follower is speaking out, "tired of" the cult's shifty dates and broken promises of fantastical events that never materialize.

In an open letter to Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and John F. Kennedy Jr., "if he is alive," which appeared on the Telegram channel, according to Insider, the deflated believer, Donny Warren, vented his frustrations.

"At the beginning of October, we were told of a Red October, with rumors of mass arrests across the world," he wrote, referring to the Q conspiracy that "patriots" would take over the White House in October while the elite cabal of Democrat cannibalistic pedophiles across the globe would be arrested en masse.

"We were given hints by 'Q' experts that November was to be THE month," he wrote. November, remember, was the promised month that Kennedy Jr. would suddenly pop up and announce he wasn't dead after all.

"I told a few of my awake friends that either this would be the best Thanksgiving ever, or the worst. Guess which one it was? …

"For months, I have anticipated each day with excitement knowing that I was watching my president and his crew of Patriots take back our country and our freedom. I am losing that excitement now … This is starting to get very old."

And about his family: "They think I am a nut for believing in all this."