Visitors to Britain's highest pub were trapped inside with an Oasis tribute band for 3 days

This might be the most perfectly English horror movie setup imaginable. On Friday, November 26, 60-or-so people went to the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire — the pub with the highest elevation in Great Britain, at 1,732 feet above sea level — to see an Oasis tribute band. But then it started snowing, with more than three feet piling up over the course of the night. The snow even knocked down some power lines on the few paths leading away from the pub, leaving the concertgoers trapped inside … with an Oasis tribute band.

From BBC:

Manager Nicola Townsend said 40 [of the 61 guests] were pre-booked guests while others had gone to the pub for a drink on Friday.


She added: "It's just been a lovely and everyone is in really good spirits. "They've formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it.

"One lady actually said 'I don't want to leave'."

She said staff had put on activities to keep people entertained, including a quiz and board games and that a karaoke evening was planned for later.

The manager added that mountain rescuers had made it through the snow to attend to one guest who needed medical attention for an ongoing issue.

One of the guests, Martin Overton, said the atmosphere was "very good" with "plenty of beer available".

By the end of three days, however, I imagine everyone was quite sick of perking up at the sound of every passing car engine, thinking "Maybe … you're gonna be the one that saves me … "

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Image: Freddyballo / Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 4.0)