Homeowner tries to smoke out snakes but burns down the house instead

A house in Poolesville, Maryland was infested with snakes. But rather than leave it to the professionals, a Maryland homeowner decided to smoke out the critters using coals. And as the smoke was supposed to be doing its thing, the homeowner left the premises.

Unfortunately, the DIY pest-control project led to a fire that started in the basement but soon collapsed the roof and engulfed the entire house, which even 75 firefighters couldn't save. The catastrophe caused an estimated $1 million in damages.

From The Washington Post:

The fire broke out around 10 p.m. on Nov. 23, according to Montgomery County Fire Department officials. …

Seventy-five firefighters put out the blaze, which started in the basement.

Piringer said the fire was accidental and that the homeowner used "smoke to manage a snake infestation." He said it is believed that coals were too close to some combustibles, starting the fire.

Nobody is sure what happened to the snakes.