Throw away your measuring tape for this advanced laser tool, 20% off this Cyber Week

Whether you're a professional builder or a well-equipped dad, nothing beats good old measuring tape. But as we're about to enter 2022, perhaps there's a more efficient tool to carry around, negating the need for not only measuring tape but that entire toolbox you've been lugging around all these years.

Whether you're measuring a space for new furniture or hanging family pictures up on the wall, MEAZOR, the 6-in-1 multifunctional digital laser measure tool, is really all you need. Small enough to fit right in your pocket, this little gadget can do big things, making it one of the most important tools you could have on hand, no matter what project you're attempting to tackle.

For one, MEAZOR takes the arduous task of measuring space down a few pegs, allowing you to meticulously measure for a high-end floorplan in seconds. And unlike a traditional measuring tape, this thing boasts a rolling measurer, which means you can accurately account for detailed archways just as easily as you could stick-straight lines. Plus, thanks to its laser distance measurer, you can get reliable measurements from as far as 82 feet.

In addition to the tool's fantastic measuring capabilities, MEAZOR can also come in handy for a multitude of other tasks, serving as a bubble level, a protractor, a curve scanner, and more. But don't be overwhelmed by all its functions, the gadget is actually quite user-friendly thanks to its 184ppi touch screen for easy display and control. It even pairs with an accompanying MEAZOR app that can store measuring data by itself and export vector drawings and measurements in various formats, allowing you to share and edit things as you wish. 

Successfully funded on Indiegogo, MEAZOR is currently undergoing a slew of tests, being engineered to become a game-changing tool you'll never want to live without. And since it's designed to work on both Android and iOS systems, just about anyone will be able to benefit from this incredible gadget. 

Get the MEAZOR 6-in-1 Multifunction Digital Laser Measure Tool at an additional 20% off with code CMSAVE20, making it just $114.39.