AOC demands Boebert face consequences for racist comments about Omar in strong, fiery presser

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an impassioned demand at a press conference today for Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R–CO) to face a consequence — being stripped from her committees — after gun-totin' Boebert's dangerous and racist remarks suggesting in November that colleague Ilhan Omar (D–MN) is a terrorist. AOC also rightfully accused House Minority Leader McCarthy for encouraging and accepting bigotry from his party members. (Video below.)

"So many women will have their hijabs ripped off on public transit because of the example that leader McCarthy and the Republican caucus is setting right now," she warned. "We have a responsibility to show this country that bigotry is unacceptable."

She then compared the Capitol offices to corporate offices, saying, "We have a responsibility to show this country that bigotry is unacceptable, and to treat the hallowed halls of this Capitol with the bare respect that any corporate HR office would do anywhere else in this country."

"Rep. Boebert, whatever her intentions may be for her racism and flagrant bigotry, needs to experience a consequence for her actions," AOC said, "whether she's seeking it out or not, because when we inconsistently apply consequences to bigotry, we invite more people to test these boundaries."

"It's pretty simple. You threaten a colleague or you incite racist rhetoric, you do not have committees."

This strong plea for integrity by Ocasio-Cortez is refreshing after Boebert and crew's constant bombardment of inarticulate, school-bully rhetoric that is now commonplace in politics.

Here is the full 5 minutes: