Why Superman is more like Moses than the Jesus allegory that Hollywood can't let go of

DC's been struggling to make a Superman movie work for a little over 30 years. Man of Steel was a modest hit, but it fell short both critically and commercially compared with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The knee-jerk response is to say that "Superman doesn't work anymore" and move on. I can't subscribe to that notion. Superheroes are our modern myths, meaning that—as Joseph Campbell postulates—they speak to the metaphorical truth of our relationship with the world. In my opinion, Superman's stature as a pop culture icon obscures the universal truth his character personifies.

I believe this is why so many filmmakers and comic writers frame Superman as Jesus. They're hoping to correlate Superman's abilities, personality, and relevance with Jesus as they blindly grope for some subtext to pair with their slugfests.

Basing Superman on Moses works even better, as YouTuber Dan Marks explains. I find this fitting, as both of Superman's creators were Jewish and probably based their creation subconsciously on characters in the Torah.