Gingerbread dive bar kit comes complete with a syrup "sticky floor"

The Miller High Life team nailed it. Their Gingerbread Dive Beer Kit is brilliant. Earlier this month they offered it for sale and, of course, it's already sold out. When I first came across an image of its box, I thought it was another clever, but faked, product. Nope, it's real and spectacular.

The bar stools are peppermint candies!

Here's what you missed out on:

…the ready-to-assemble bar comes with Miller High Life-infused "wall" pieces, a tiny pool table with miniature pretzel cues, hanging lights with gumdrop shades, peppermint bar stools, and even a pair of little cornhole boards underneath a peppermint-supported pergola.

But that's not all:

Along with candy cane bar stools, there's also vintage Miller High Life wall art and neon made from sugar. There's even a customizable entrance sign that will help make this gingerbread dive your own. And those "premium" gingerbread walls? They're infused with the Champagne of Beers—aka Miller High Life.

To keep your gingerbread "regulars" happy, there's a Select-O-Matic jukebox and an edible pool table with pretzel stick cues. The pool table has working lights, but just like any watering hole worth its salt, they're dim..

…The kit includes packets of Vermont maple syrup to drizzle across the Miller High Life-branded floor.

It sold for $50 and was first offered to its email subscribers. I don't even drink and I want one!

<sad trombone>

images by Miller High Life