Audiobook narrator explores the sound of faerie flatulence

Natalie Naudus is a professional audiobook narrator whose work has ranged from soothing texts like Sofia Axelrod's How Babies Sleep to science fiction epics such as Kate Elliott's Unconquerable Sun and the recent Empress of Forever by Max Gladstone.

But one thing she hasn't dealt with before is how to create the sound of a farting faerie. Until now, that is. And the TikTok video below, Naudus struggles with how, exactly, one might create this sound effect, as it seems to be pretty central to the text she is currently recording.


Answer @TikTok one of my first really viral videos #fart #audiobook #booktok #fairy

♬ Happy – Pharrell Williams

I, for one, applaud her efforts, because I would personally be too afraid that the Good People might fuck me up somehow if I made fun of their flatulence.

Image: Bret Everson / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)