Mars orbiter image shows a crashed flying saucer…. or something else entirely

Seen above is a tiny portion of an image captured in 2006 by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It depicts "the bottom of Candor Chasma, a large canyon in the Valles Marineris system" of the Red Planet, according to University of Arizona scientists. But according to Jean Ward whose hobby is researching "anomalies" on Mars, analyzed the image and spotted a UFO that crashed and skidded across the Martian surface. Of course, They might say that it's just a natural geologic feature or a shadow, but we know the truth.

From Ward's Mars Anomalies post:

The disc-shaped object measures approximately 12 to 15 metres in diameter. Apart from removing a few sand dunes to highlight the object I didn't change anything else in the photograph. To see the anomaly for yourselves please download the original JP2 from the NASA link provided below and download HiVIEW to open the JP2 (the anomaly is right there for anyone to see).

Alternatives: Could this possibly be a ramp leading into an underground entrance or is this an incomplete Project Ice-Worm structure? Or are we seeing a strange arc-shaped dune?

Project Ice-worm? Could he be referring to a Martian incarnation of the top secret US Army program of the 1960s to build missile silos under the Greenland Ice Sheet?