Check out this trailer for the new dimension-hopping kung fu flick from A24

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel's first cinematic foray into the multiverse concept, is currently dominating the box office and critical approval. In addition to that, DC's Flashpoint movie- equipped with a similar hook centered on the multiverse and nostalgia bait – is gearing up for release in the not too distant future. Let's face it; the multiverse is the next big idea in blockbuster filmmaking, whether we like it or not. 

Film fans that have grown weary of the endless cavalcade of costumed heroes and cinematic gimmicks have learned to lean on the avant-garde production company A24 for experimental films that don't skimp on the quality. With a list of critically beloved movies like Ex-MachinaMidsommar, and Uncut Gems, A24 is seemingly the last bastion for die-hard cinephiles in a world of superheroes and reboots. However, from the look of their most recent trailer, A24 is trying to muscle its way into the bustling multiverse market. 

In the psychedelic trailer, 80s Hong Kong legend Michelle Yeoh stars as an ordinary woman thrust into defending the multiverse. While that may sound like the predictable "hero's journey" plot, the stunning visuals and special effects potentially make this one of A24's most daring films from a production standpoint. Check it out for yourself in the video linked above.