Breitbart's unhinged "Civil War" reviewer dreams of a President who "shoots journalists on sight"

As much as I'm interested in reviews of the movie Civil War, I'm more intrigued by reactions to the politics (or lack thereof) of Civil War. A lot of critics think the film intentionally ducks specificity to make the story more universal. Or not turn off half the potential ticket buyers. Some dig that, some don't.

But this right-winger on Breitbart sees it as an open attack on Trump and MAGA and this dude is pissed. It sounds like he's pissed a lot. Whatever.

What grabbed my attention is a line from his "review."  (I'm not going to link to it since I don't want to encourage anyone to go to Breitbart. If you really want to feel dirty, the writer's name is John Nolte.) He writes:

And without a declared point of view, you never know who to root for. Has President GreatHairRedTie (Nick Offerman) refused to leave office for good reason—to hold the union together? (After we're told the president disbanded the FBI and shoots journalists on sight, I was sure he was the hero.) 

I'm fairly certain this was meant as a joke, an oh-so-funny aside that would be grokked by true believers. But even as a "joke," it's revealing about these people and their world view. They used to be all about law and order but now they hate the FBI, I suppose because they enforce the law, even for white nationalists and right-wing militias. So unfair of those damn G-men. 

But the next part is even more chilling. They hate journalists so much that shooting them would be justified to save the Union. Or decency. Or something. Killing reporters — hilarious!

Seems these constitutional originalists love the "Constitution" but don't love that pesky First Amendment, designed to protect press freedom as a bulwark against totalitarianism. Oh, wait, maybe that's why they don't like it.

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