What was up in Africa during the Renaissance?

Growing up Black in the West means that learning a narrow version of world history is inevitable. Even if you took AP classes in high school, the European perspective was always the main course in any history class. That isn't to say that understanding the nations and events that solidified Western dominance isn't valuable, but having the appropriate amount of nuance regarding the divergent cultures that influenced European life would be helpful.

One of my favorite aspects of the internet is how easy it is to find alternative historical perspectives. Looking at history with a broader lens, we learn that early African cultures helped influence many core European concepts and vice versa. One example of this interplay of ideas resulted in the most celebrated point in European history: the Renaissance.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Home Team History provides a brief overview of Africa during the Renaissance. Give the video a click to see how the Moors possibly created a domino effect that sparked the period.