Woman describes experience of being tracked with an Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags are tiny wireless tracking devices that you can attach to things so you can find them if you lose them. Last Friday, Jeana Jeana, a cosplayer and Dance Dance Revolution competitor tweeted that someone attached an AirTag to her car while she was in a bar.

She said he checked her purse, wallet, and pockets, but couldn't find the AirTag. She suspected someone may have attached a tracker to her car. Wisely, she chose not to drive home and spent the night somewhere else. The next morning she asked someone to check her car and they found the tracker stuck to the underside of the car's front passenger wheel well.

A commenter pointed out that if there's an AirTag moving with you you can get more information about it by bringing your iPhone closer to it:

Jeana Jeana is lucky she had an iPhone, which automatically detects if an AirTag is moving along with you. Last week Apple finally released an app for android phones that detects AirTags, but I wonder how many people are even aware of the possibility that they can be tracked with an AirTag?