Tony Hawk interviews Rodney Mullen

Two legends of skateboarding sit down and have an amazing chat. Rodney Mullen, the OG street skater, is the guest on a 2 hour Hawk vs Wolf.

The Berrics:

Rodney Mullen not only laid the groundwork for modern street skating (they call him The Godfather, and sometimes Mutt), he's also largely responsible for skateboarding becoming a widely used analogy for persistence in the face of failure. His blockbuster TED Talks captivated the world, and he opened a window into a sort of learning process that skaters know all too well: fall, get up, learn. This vicious cycle continues for all of us everyday as we try to get a trick dialed. Mullen expands on this concept in the latest episode of Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis's 'Hawk Vs. Wolf' podcast today.