Watch: Bagel Karen is back, this time at a rally where she admits she has Covid

Stephanie Denaro, aka Bagel Karen — who called a bakery worker the N-word in March after he refused to serve her without her mask (see video at bottom of post) — returns to the spotlight. This time she is knowingly spreading her Covid cooties at an anti-vax rally in New York.

While walking with a friend at the rally, she says, "Danny's in the hospital with Covid. I have it too."

Her friend skips over her admission that she has Covid, and instead asks why "Danny" is in the hospital.

"Because he didn't go to the doctor to take care of it … he's an idiot," she says.

"He needs to take ivermectin!" her friends suggests, adding vitamin D and other supplements to the Rx list. He then ignorantly asks, "Why is he in the hospital? Is he sick?"

To which she casually replies, "It sounds like he has pneumonia when he's coughing."

No more mention of the fact that she is out in public, at a rally, maskless, and sick with Covid.

(The longer version of this conversation is in the 2nd tweeted video below.)

Denaro's "Bagel Karen" stint back in March: