RFK Jr. spins deranged CIA Covid pandemic conspiracy

No one knows how to put "con" in conspiracy theory like RFK Jr. The anti-vax Prince of Camelot, claims the CIA masterminded the entire Covid pandemic as a totalitarian power grab to destroy our freedoms.

According to a recent expose in Mother Jones, RFK Jr.'s unhinged allegations include:

• A pandemic simulation called Event 201 was actually the CIA's plan to "execute a coup d'etat against democracy" by exploiting COVID (false)
• The NSA concluded COVID leaked from a Wuhan lab in mid-September 2019, even though the NSA said no such thing (false)
• Event 201's goal was for governments to plan "how do we use a pandemic to clamp down totalitarian controls to essentially execute a coup d'etat against democracy and the Bill of Rights." (false)
• Event 201 mapped out ways to cover up COVID's origins as a "lab-generated virus" (false)

From Mother Jones:

In May 2022—about a year before he announced his presidential bid—Kennedy appeared on the podcast of comedian and reality TV star Theo Von, a recurring guest on Joe Rogan's podcast, and he presented a harrowing tale: A global elite led by the CIA had been planning for years to use a pandemic to end democracy and impose totalitarian control on the entire world. He claimed to have proof: the ominous-sounding Event 201.

This was the name of a pandemic simulation held at a New York City hotel in October 2019, months before the Covid pandemic struck. In his usual frenetic and rambling style, Kennedy told Von that the cohosts of the event were billionaire Bill Gates and Avril Haines, whom he identified as the deputy director of the CIA. He asked, "What is the CIA doing at a public health forum. They don't do public health. They do coup d'etat." He dwelled on Haines' participation, noting she was now the "top spy of the country"—the Director of National Intelligence—and "also in charge of the coronavirus response." He pointed out that in attendance at Event 201 were "people from all the social media companies" and from "the pharmaceutical companies, mainly Johnson and Johnson." He added, "you have another guy, a peculiar guy, George Gao, who's the head of the Chinese CDC." And he reported there were participants from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Of course the whole Event 201 simulation is publicly available, and shows none of the CIA conspiracy kabuki that Lil' Bobby is frothing about. Just bland discussions on supply chains and misinformation, hardly a deepstate masterplan to end freedom. But peddling deranged fantasies as facts is RFK Jr.'s whole schtick. The real shocker would be if he ever told the truth about anything.

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