Hindu extremist leader advocates for his followers to kill Muslims

With all of the political division and chaos happening in America, it's easy to turn a blind eye to similar political strife occurring around the globe. There's too much unrest to consume without losing either your mind or empathy. However, I like to believe that, as a race, we've made glacial changes for the better.

That's why I find the video linked above so chilling. The concept of genocide seems akin to a vestigial limb linked to humanity's dark and brutal origins. You would think we'd have evolved far beyond at this point. Even though India's Hindu and Muslim conflict isn't new, the uptick in violence and open hostility towards the latter religion in recent years has been shocking to witness. Sadly, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi essentially turning a blind eye to the plight of Indian Muslims, it seems like the violence and anti-Muslim sentiments brewing in the nation will only increase.