Traveler tests positive for COVID mid-flight, quarantines in airplane bathroom for five hours

Marisa Fotieo, a school teacher from Michigan, was flying to Iceland when she began feeling unwell. She took a rapid test in the bathroom and, yep, she was positive for COVID-19. So Fotieo stayed in the bathroom for the remainder of the five hour flight.

"There's 150 people on the flight, and my biggest fear was giving it to them," she said.

Video below. From USA Today:

According to TODAY, Fotieo said she was able to make it through isolating in the cramped space because of flight attendant Ragnhildur "Rocky" Eiríksdóttir, who provided food and drinks, and "constantly checked" on her.

Before departing the plane, Fotieo exchanged Instagram handles with Eiríksdóttir and later isolated again at the Red Cross hotel in Iceland. 

To her surprise, Eiríksdóttir sent her flowers and a little Christmas tree with lights so she could have a glimmer of holiday joy on Christmas despite having to quarantine alone. 


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