Tip: add "reddit" to search queries to get authentic human results untainted by SEO

There are a number of ways to improve Google results by adding "magic" to the query. -site:pinterest.com is a classic, removing an obnoxious SEO parasite from image search. But the most profoundly effective, I find, is to simply include the word "reddit"—especially when researching things you can buy. (More strictly: add site:reddit.com instead of merely "reddit", but it's not necessary yet)

Without plumbing the reasons why Reddit is so resistant to some classes of inauthentic content (while being vulnerable to other classes of it) it's funny how completely this one additional search word switches off irrelevant junk while turning on relevant work.

There's no guarantee it'll work forever. Reddit is going public and once it does, it'll be under more pressure to monetize and manipulate the SEO profile of user content. There's no guarantee Google won't "fix" its results. And there's no guarantee SEO grifters won't figure out how to game the search results as they are.

But for now, whisper together: reeeedddiiiiiittttttt