PBR apologizes for telling sober people to "try eating ass"

A now-deleted tweet from PBR reads "Not drinking this January? Try eating ass!"

When user @thruandthrudave responded "PBR or ass? Whats the difference?" the brand account responded, "ask your mom."

The tweets gained attention on Monday morning but soon disappeared. In a statement to FOX Business, a PBR executive shared that the company decided to delete the tweet.

"We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets. The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates."

PBR Vice President of marketing Nick Reely to FOX Business

Why did no one at PBR stop the tweet? In a weird exchange between personified food corporations, Slim Jim offered a hypothesis.

This certainly isn't the first corporate social media flub. As brands fire off irreverent tweets to seem hip and gain publicity, some inevitably go too far, thus attracting bad publicity. Remember National Women's Day 2021 when Burger King UK tweeted "Women belong in the kitchen"?