France's most famous twins die from Covid after refusing vaccines

French TV stars Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff have died from Covid. The twins, who were 72, refused to take a vaccine against the infectious disease and died in the hospital within days of one another.

Known for their extraordinary handsomeness, the brothers were sometimes questioned as to whether they'd further improved their appearance through plastic surgery. They said they never had surgery, but had "experimented with unnamed 'technologies' to enhance their features," according to CBS.

They were born on August 29, 1949 in southwest France. Descended from German and Austrian nobility, they were raised by their grandmother, a countess.

The two studied applied mathematics before taking their science to television. They later went on to scrape just enough points to earn doctorates in physics, though there was huge controversy surrounding their theses on the Big Bang theory and on space-time links. There were also accusations of plagiarism.

An internal university investigation concluded there was no scientific value to their work, but they were still awarded the doctorates. One scientist called the twins' writing, "delightfully meaningless combinations of buzzwords," but worried that their evidence had nonetheless been taken seriously.