Is Cryptoland, the "first physical crypto island", a parody of NFT culture? Is parody even possible?

Here's the basic pitch for Cryptoland, which claims to be the first physical space for crypto enthusiasts who want to trade island real estate as NFTs, I guess because they're bored or whatever:

Digitally united, but physically separated.Most of us in the crypto space, when we turn off our screens, we still live in fiat environments. 

But, what if we could improve the physical world around us to be more aligned with our passion? 
This is happening, it's called Cryptoland.

We are building the number one crypto destination on earth. A crypto paradise where the community can surround themselves with other like-minded individuals.

A powerful ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts to thrive.

If you don't have 20 minutes to commit to watching the uncanny valley CGI video above — which, yes, features a talking anthropomorphic Bitcoin — there's also a "Why Paper" (get it?) explaining the mission statement. The first three pages of the 30+ page document are all fine print legalese disclaimers, just in case you weren't already getting scammy vibes from this Fyre Island wannabe. Then it goes through explaining the island layout, including some design mockups for the cheekily named "Blockchain Bar" as well as a casino and gym. Also every time a word includes the letters K, I, N, and G in order, the "King" gets capitalized (as in "looKing" or "co-worKing").

You may be asking yourself "Wait, is this an actual island, or an NFT island?" to which the answer is very clearly "yes." It's not until page 19 of the Why Paper that Cryptoland is actually revealed to be the 600-acre Fijian island of Nananu-i-cake. As far as I can tell, however, the Cryptoland founders haven't actually bought the island yet. Maybe the NFT thing is an effort to raise the $12M needed to buy the island? I don't fucking know, but the Why Paper says:

All NFTs come with ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT.

A 5% fee from secondary sales will be used to sweep the floor price of CRYPTOLANDERS NFT and towards CRYPTOLAND's development and ongoing operations.

while also adding that physical land parcels include the following amenities:

Access to basic infrastructure (electricity, water, fiber-optic internet, sewage and roads).
• Development potential.
• Access to all CRYPTOLAND's facilities.
More than one parcel can be acquired and combined to create larger plots. Your parcel, your choice. Hodl it (sic), Buidl it (sic) (to enjoy it for yourself or for rent), flip it… It's up to you.

But as far as I understand, you need to own or earn Cryptolander Tokens in order to unlock access to buying physical property on the island. Which, again, sure sounds like a Fyre Island-esque scam.

Cryptoland: The first physical crypto island