Is the Klingon Bat'leth impractical?

The answer is yes. Not to ruin the surprise, but you don't have to be a sword nerd to see the innumerable flaws in the design of the traditional Klingon weapon. Ironically enough, the copious flaws infused in the blade are symbolic of Klingon culture as a whole. One of the traits that make the Klingons such a fascinating race, and my personal favorite in all of Star Trek, is their inflexible adherence to tradition. Even when a more practical or logical solution is available, Klingons will openly shun anything that conflicts with their rigid warrior culture. It's not the brightest move, but it's definitely admirable.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Skallagrim uses his knowledge of swords and weaponry to explain precisely why the bat'leth is a dumb weapon. Even though he spends a majority of the video dismantling the myth behind one of Star Trek's most memorable objects, Skallagrim does handle the blade like a true Klingon.