Hear how ominous YMCA sounds in minor key

I will forever be intrigued by the malleability of music. Musicians can produce an endlessly enrapturing array of melodies and arrangements from a seemingly limited spectrum of notes and measures. The freedom of expression that artists can find within the borders of sheet music is impressive. And while it's true that several songs share similar chord progressions, most audiences fail to notice how repetitive their favorite melodies actually are. With a few clever shifts within the arrangement, musicians can make a tried and true hit sound fresh and original. Sometimes, musicians can change the entire meaning of a tune without altering a note. A jocular track can transform into a menacing one in seconds by changing the key of a song. My favorite example of this is listening to the Village People's "YMCA" in minor key.

In the video linked above, the YouTuber Oleg Berg takes the familiar ode to the YMCA and turns it into what could easily double as an imposing theme for a Broadway villain. Although I already find the video entertaining enough, the comment section is truly where the comedic gold resides.