Eighth-grade student launches a book club to discuss banned books

Joslyn Diffenbaugh, an 8th-grade student from Kutztown, Pennsylvania started the Teen Banned Book Club to discuss books that have been banned by the local school district. Nine students attended the first meeting on January 12 at Firefly Bookstore in Kutztown. They discussed George Orwell's Animal Farm.

From Pennsylvania News Today:

In November, there was intense debate between parents and school board members at several meetings about LGBTQ + -themed books that would be available to high school library students. Worried parents said the book contained adult content with inappropriate graphics and demanded that the book be removed.

Director Christian Temchatin confirmed that the books in question were purchased by the district, but they were not placed on the shelves of the school library or made available to students. School officials did not specify the title of the book.

Following a challenge to the material or topic policy procedure, the book will be evaluated and will not be distributed until the process is complete. No further updates have been announced since then.