Dumb US Capitol rioters called Nancy Pelosi's office looking for items they lost or left behind

In the days following the Capitol Riots of January 7, 2021, some of the idiots who stormed into the building called the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ask about items like mobile phones or purses they lost or left behind during the chaos. This tidbit is according to Rep. Jamie Raskin who spoke to Insider:

"The officers quickly got on the phone and said, yeah, just give us your name, your address, your social, you know, and we'll tie up those loose ends," Raskin said. "But what's so fascinating to me about that there really were people who felt as if they had been summoned to Washington by the president." […]

The seemingly self-incriminating phone calls, Raskin explained, were also an indicator of how central former President Donald Trump was to the thousands of Americans who came to DC for a protest and ended up storming the Capitol.

Raskin added that the "lost and found" episode also demonstrates a challenge facing the House select committee investigating January 6, where Raskin is one of the Democratic members.

"And when they were told that they were trespassing and invading the Capitol, they said the president invited them to be there," he said. "They didn't have any kind of subtle understanding of the separation of powers. They just thought that the number one person in the US government had invited them to be there, and therefore they had a right.

(via Dave Pell's NextDraft)

image: US Capitol Photo – https://twitter.com/robertpjones/status/1346923972592496641/photo/1 (public domain)