Python cowboy boots, Leica camera, cars, and too many water bottles at Pittsburgh airport auction

On October 7, the Pittsburgh International Airport will host its annual auction of crap that people left behind and was never claimed. The items include fancy cameras, designer handbags, countless water bottles, stacks of books, and apparently almost a dozen abandoned cars. Prior auctions have featured an alligator head and toilet seat.

From Pittsburgh Magazine:

Among the more unusual items available at this year's auction is a pair of python-skin cowboy boots, originally valued at a few hundred dollars. The shoes were discovered during this year's "Big Sort," a two-day event at which employees with the Allegheny County Airport Authority, which operates the airport, and volunteers go through boxes and boxes of lost items. While some of the items will be available at the auction, others such as most of the clothing and prescription eyeglasses were donated to local nonprofit organizations[…]

Proceeds from the auction go toward the Allegheny County Airport Authority Charitable Foundation. The money the foundation raises will help improve travelers' experiences in the airport by enhancing terminals and beautifying spaces with artwork.

image: Pittsburgh International Airport
image: Pittsburgh International Airport

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