Damon Albarn apologizes to Taylor Swift after saying she doesn't write her own songs

Damon Albarn, singer with legendary English pop outfits Blur and Gorillaz, said in an interview that Taylor Swift didn't write her own songs. But she does, mostly! Taylor told him off on Twitter, and the world shook.

This is a great example of context collapse. Here someone in a "floating world" (UK alt/indie rock) thinking they're too marginal/exalted to be noticed by the subject, pours it on. The talk might be true or false or somehow neither but is really about projecting a certain character. But it's the internet, and she's listening, and she nuked it from orbit.

Note how he still can't help himself, suggesting he was taken out of context? Context collapse is the sand liquefying, the truth changing phase, the world going dark around you. It is such weird magic.