Take a tour of this forest populated by the creepy statues of the late Veijo Rönkkönen

You can find many sculptures of artist Veijo Rönkkönen in a park located in the forest outside the small town of Parikkala, Finland. Visitors can enjoy these oddities for free. I have to see this place in real life, one day. There are over 450 statues in the park, and some of them even have real dentures!

Veijo Rönkkönen (1944-2010) lived in a house located in the same park as the sculptures. He lived there all of his life, making the sculptures in his spare time. He preferred to be alone but placed the statues outside of his house so visitors could see them, although he never went out to talk to any of the visitors. It seems this was his way of communicating with the outside world. He even left a guestbook with a note asking visitors to write something. Around 25,000 people visit Rönkkönen's statue's per year. This place is a must-see for people who like strange attractions and oddities. The park, open to the public, now runs on donations.