Woman rents tent on her Zürich balcony for $540 a month

You can enjoy "a view of the starry evening sky" but only if you can afford to pay $540 a month to live in a tent on this woman's Zürich apartment balcony. Dress warmly, though. In January, the temperature in the Swiss city ranges between 31 and 39 degrees F.

From Oddity Central:

The offer includes a waterproof tent complete with an insulating mat, mattress and pillows, as well as access to the apartment's kitchen, living room and bathroom. Believe it or not, the woman, known only as Sandra, has already had a good response to the ad she posted earlier this month.

"I would like to live with someone else and reduce my rent a bit," Sandra told 20 Minutes. "That's why I came up with the idea of ​​the tent. In the city, the situation for those looking for a flat is very difficult. Finding an affordable room is almost impossible."