How has rainbow grilled cheese not become the definitive snack for pride month?

The faux "wokeness" exhibited by corporations around the holidays of marginalized people will always rings disingenuous to me. Black history month-inspired adverts and sales are coming soon, with the usual efforts to tug at the right heartstrings while they widen the divides. Then there's Pride month: for the entirety of June, corporations will wrap themselves in more rainbows than Tekashi 6ix9ine while they quietly fund anti-LGBTQ politicians.

But we do get some cool treats and swag out of it. If corporations are going to exploit us, the least they can do is offer us some themed snacks. Starbuck's glitter frappuccino from a few years ago was pretty awesome. With that in mind, how Kraft hasn't jumped on the Japanese trend of rainbow cheese for Pride month is baffling to me.