"The Flinstones On The Rocks" was a 1-hour special that aired just once then disappeared

I loved The Flintstones as a kid, and I love it today. The show, which debuted in 1960, was not meant for kids. It aired on primetime television as a show for adults and explored themes of friendship, love, the stress of being an adult, and all of the seven deadly sins.

I had low hopes for the The Flinstones On The Rocks, which, according to the person who wrote about it on r/ObscureMedia, aired only once on Cartoon Network in 2001 and was never seen again until it was uploaded to the Internet Archive.

But after watching the first 20 minutes, I'm impressed by how well-made it is. The character designs are fresh but reference the great original designs; the voice acting is more of a professional image to the original voices rather than flat mimicry, and the story (about Fred and Wilma's serious marital problems) is well-developed and attention-grabbing. I'll watch the rest after my blogging duties come to a close for the day.