ITSOFOMO is a multimedia experience of spoken word, video, and a "mutantrumpet"

Artist David Wojnarowicz collaborated with composer Ben Neill in 1989 to create  ITSOFOMO, a distinguished multimedia performance. Originally a live performance, ITSOFOMO exists as a video piece now, too. The intense and poetic dynamic between sound and imagery in this piece keeps me coming back to it.  

The performance included spoken word, music, and multi-channel video projections. During the live performance, Neill played the "mutantrumpet", an electro-acoustic hybrid instrument he invented. The artwork explores topics such as death, spirituality, technology, and the accelerating AIDS crisis of the time. 

Welcome to the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base:

David Michael Wojnarowicz was a gay artist, writer, and activist, whose multimedia work was deeply concerned with issues of social justice, queerness, sex, poverty, AIDS, and many of the other pressing issues of his day. He was closely associated with the art movement that developed in New York City's Lower East Side during the 1980s.