GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger warns that a civil war is not far-fetched: "I now believe it is a real possibility"

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill) warned CNN's Wolf Blitzer yesterday that whitewashing the insurrection is "extremely dangerous." So dangerous, in fact, that "if there was a word even more intense than 'dangerous' I would use that," he said.

Of course the GQP's strategy of downplaying the attack on the Capitol has snowballed to avalanche proportion, with Trump now promising to pardon the insurrectionists if he becomes president again.

Kinzinger told Blitzer that a year ago, he never would have said there was a chance of civil war. But now? "It is not a far thought, Wolf, that someday, some militia shows up somewhere to do something, and then some counter-militia shows up, and truly at that point that is how you end up in a civil war."

"Am I hearing you right, Congressman? You fear, potentially, there could be a civil war here in the United States?"

"I do. … We would be naive to think it's not possible here…" Kinzinger said. "Our basic survival is at stake, the basic survival of this democracy."

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