Moon Over Harlem: an all-Black film from 1939

We're in a renaissance of Black cinema and filmmakers. One needs to look no further than movies like Moonlight and creators like Ryan Coogler to see the quality of contemporary Black films. With Black cinema developing considerably since the 70s era of Blaxploitation, Black movies of modernity receive critical acclaim comparable to their white counterparts. Although beloved by the Black community, Blaxploitation films serve as a testament to America's Capitalist nature instead of a celebration of art. Begat from a desire to siphon a profit from the emerging economic stability within the Black community, movies like Boss Nigger and The Black Gestapotheir objective dopeness notwithstanding– aptly distill the cynicism of Hollywood. Hollywood was perfectly content to ignore the Black audience for decades when they were uncertain about the power of the Black dollar. 

That's why I find the film linked above so fascinating. Moon Over Harlem is a movie from the late 30s and features an all-Black cast. It's a little rough around the edges, but the film eschews the stereotypes one would expect from a movie produced in 1939. Check out Moon Over Harlem in its entirety from the video linked above.