This heart-warming fan comic about Boba Fett is everything I wanted from the TV show

ND Stevenson is the creator of Lumberjanes and the graphic memoir The Fire Never Goes Out as well as the executive producer of the recent She-Ra cartoon. They've always had a knack for simple cartooning that fills with delight while tugging at your heart string — and their recent Boba Fett fan comic is no exception. Shared through their Substack, This Place Was Home feels like if The Book of Boba Fett had been an episode of The Good Place. Framed by a drunken bonding session between the elder Boba and his partner, Fennec Shand, the comic reflects on Boba's youth growing up on Camino amongst an army of clones that looked like him but were not him. It explores his relationship with his father Jango, and the impact of his father's few other relationships on his own life.

Anything would spoil it, but oof, I never thought I'd ever read anything so tender and wonderful about Boba Fett.

This Place Was Home: A Boba Fett Fan Comic [ND Stevenson]