Ibrahim Moustafa's cybernetic sci-fi western, "CYN," comes to life

CYN, a new graphic novel from acclaimed comics artist, Ibrahim Moustafa, is set to hit the shelves of your friendly neighborhood nerd store this month. Joining Ibrahim on the project are colorist Brad Simpson and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. CYN promises to be a gripping tale of savagery and salvation that blends Western and sci-fi ideas and influences.

CYN centers on Meris, who is fleeing her bloody past as the masked cybernetic government enforcer known as Cyn. After being found unconscious by a former medic and his two adopted daughters, Meris struggles to adapt to a world far removed from her brutal former life. As she recovers, it becomes clear that her past is not ready to let go of her just yet, and she isn't the only one whose dark secrets threaten to unravel their present lives.

CYN is a project that's very dear to me," says Moustafa. "It's a much more personal work than previous books, made during a very trying time in my life. At its core, it's a story about someone figuring out who they are after they've lost a piece of themselves, and finding the strength to move forward while the past claws at their heels. I'm very excited and grateful for the opportunity to tell it."

Ibrahim Moustafa, based in Portland, Oregon, is an illustrator and writer whose portfolio includes the critically-acclaimed Humanoids graphic novels "COUNT" and "RetroActive," the Eisner Award-nominated "JAEGER," and collaborations with major comics houses like Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse. CYN is also being published by the always-impressive Humanoids.

CYN will is available in bookstores and comic shops this month, with digital copies accessible through comiXology and other platforms. Keep an eye on Humanoids' website and social media channels for updates on this anticipated release.

Comics PR juggernaut, Superfan Promotions, was kind enough to share an exclusive peek with Boing Boing. Enjoy.