Some sweet geometric art

Now that I'm in my 30s, I realize that having posters smattered around your room isn't a mature design choice. As much I want people to see my Sex Pistols poster as soon as they walk into my apartment, it's probably time for me to grow up. I'm going to have to frame it and make it an honest piece of wall decor.

I used to scoff at people with quirky interpretive art adorned on their walls. It felt like an admission of guilt in my eyes. "Look, I want people to think I'm interesting," their art would say, "but I don't know what that is or how to accomplish it." I thought they were pretentious. As it turns out, I was the pretentious one.

Like all aspects of growing up, my change of heart around interpretive art was gradual. However, if I had found the work of Angela Johal as a child, I might have been a fan from the beginning. Johal's art is spellbinding in its simplicity and complexity. The clever use of basic shapes and primary colors mask the expert craftmanship on display in any given piece. Check out Johal's galley by following the link.