Man frames his broken phone along with Samsung's letter of refusal to honor the warranty

Juhani Lehtimäki bought one of those foldable Samsung phones and unsurprisingly the screen developed a huge black blotch around the fold seam after about three months. The phone was still under warranty, but Samsung wanted 304,00 € to fix the screen because it claimed he had caused the damage:

We regret that your Samsung SM-F711BZGEEUB could not be repaired under warranty.

Based on the information you have provided, we have contacted our service partner to obtain more detailed information regarding the repair.

During the technical inspection of your device, the technician was able to determine that in addition to the display, the frame is also broken and that this damage is due to a mechanical impact, such as a fall, bending or excessive pressure.

Lehtimäki says he didn't damage the phone has vowed to never buy another Samsung product again, and to remind himself to keep his vow, he's framed the broken phone along with Samsung's refusal letter.