Samsung refuses warranty service on its rinky dink foldable phones if they have the slightest scratch

Juhani Lehtimäki liked the look of its foldable phone so much he dropped €1,099 on one. Three months later, he had a problem on his hands—and found that Samsung was not going to cover it, citing three tiny scratches, two of them on the case, as justification for refusing warranty service on its display.

I know I've not dropped the phone or done anything I'd see unreasonable with the phone. It is barely 3 months old of which the last 2 months it was in the official Samsung case.

That is a phone that costed 1.099,00 € lasted barely 3 months and Samsung wants 304,00 € to fix the screen, which I still maintain broke in normal use and not by some damage caused by me as Samsung claims.

So fuck that. I'll not give a single penny to that company, ever again. To make sure I don't change my mind, I framed the phone, including the warranty repair rejection email to have on my desk to remind me of this forever:

The fragility of foldable phone displays has been a problem since the day they arrived in reviewers' hands. In 2019, these rinky-dink devices were described as "a disaster unfolding in consumer tech". I even wrote an item in a faux Anglo-Korean slang inspired by Nadsat to make fun of how blatantly shoddy they were.

Three years on, they evidently still are. But they aren't on fire, so Samsung is at least making some progress.