Read Fire Power by Chris Samnee and Robert Kirkman

To borrow a phrase from Gen Z, denoting a person's inability to come up short, some people just have the sauce. Judging by the success of his Hollywood adaptations, Robert Kirkman doesn't just have the sauce; he basically owns Heinz. In 2021, Kirkman's ever-popular superhero series Invincible took Amazon Prime by storm and became an instant fan favorite. And we don't even have to mention the smash hit that is Kirkman's Walking Dead franchise. Like Jack Kirby before him, Kirkman has the Midas touch with adaptations. That's why I think now is the perfect time for everyone to jump on the Firepower bandwagon. 

Firepower is Robert Kirkman, and Chris Samnee's send up to the classic kung fu films of the 20th century with a modern patina. Samnee's crisp pencils and page layouts help Kirkman's imaginative world-building sizzle. If you're looking for a little extra serving of kung fu in your entertainment diet, give Firepower a shot before it becomes Kirkman's next big multimedia hit.