Hundreds of NYC residents calling city to complain about noisy "sex mayhem"

According to official New York City records obtained by Patch, there were nearly 300 calls made to the city's 311 hotline in the last twelve months by residents complaining about their neighbors' noisy sex. According to the records, Queens had 103 complaints followed by Manhattan, 66, Brooklyn, 55, the Boogie Down Bronx with 48, and Staten Island with only four.


Yet someone logged 56 sex noise complaints for Cross Bay Boulevard against an orgy of "hippies" — who sometimes dress up as Freddy Krueger, Pennywise and the Easter Bunny — with an alleged fondness for the theme music of professional wrestler Velveteen Dream, data shows.

"They're still here causing a sex mayhem," their alleged neighbor declared one morning at 6 a.m. "Thought it was too cold outside for an orgy party. Doesn't stop this guy." […]

"[She] makes the bed squeak as if it's an Olympic event," complained one New Yorker [in an unrelated report].

Another reported, "ceiling shaking and debris falling sex." […]

Complaints such as these typically go from 311 operators to local police precincts, where officers will investigate if available.

"The NYPD takes all quality of life complaints seriously," police spokesperson Detective Sophia Mason assured Patch. "[We] will continue to monitor and address all complaints."

Records show those NYPD probes into noisy coitus rarely reach completion.

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