Hey all you conservatives who praised Putin, forget your humiliating past with this new "Tyranol" pill!

For all you conservatives out there who now regret ever praising Putin, Tyranol is the drug for you!

Tyranol is a miracle pill that will "make you forget you applauded a tyrant who is now slaughtering millions of civilians," according to the magical drug's hilarious ad (above), brought to you by The Daily Show. Just watch the before-and-after clips of Putin sycophants who changed course overnight and you'll see how it works wonders.

For instance:

Mike Pompeo/before: "Vladimir Putin is a very talented statesman. … I consider him a very elegant, sophisticated counterpart."
Mike Pompeo/after: "We've seen a Russian dictator now terrorize the Ukrainian people."

And for those long-term Putin puppets who have bowed down to the killer for years, there's also Tyranol Extended Release. It sure did the trick for Trump! (As seen above.)

But beware of the side effects, such as "permanent resting constipation face," which only exacerbated the condition for Tucker Carlson. But hey, when weighed against erasing great shame and humiliation, a pained expression is a small price to pay.