Warning issued after Moët champagne contaminated with Ecstasy

In Germany and the Netherlands, a dozen people have apparently gotten ill—with one dying—after drinking from Moët and Chandon Ice Impérial bottles that were apparently contaminated with MDMA. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has issued an official warning about the possible tainting of bottles after manufacture. From Food Safety News

The NVWA told people not to taste the product if they think they have a suspected contaminated bottle but to call the police[…]

The liquid in the bottle was a reddish/brown color. Contents did not have a noticeable chemical smell, but an aromatic-fruity smell, although this was described by investigators as not "champagne-like". The liquid contained no carbon dioxide and did not bubble, as is normal for champagne.

The champagne was bought via an online platform some time before it was served.

image: Pasko Maksim/Shutterstock.com