For people who think the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is for them, it looks like a fantastic experience

Disney's super-expensive immersive Star Wars experience has debuted at its Florida theme park. If you are a person who looks at this one afternoon/night and one full day and a night experience and feels like you'd have a great time, then it sure looks like you will.

Disneybounding Star Wars superfans Ashley and Bryan of Always Believe, and Themepark/Cruise aficionados and Star Wars superfans Peter and Kitra of Ordinary Adventures, all paid full price to take a ride on the Galactic Starcruiser. All of them had a fantastic time. I think Bryan was so happy to be in the parking lot his brain was on overload.

If you can have a great time in the Rey/Kylo verse, this adventure is for you. It seems like Disney built in enough engagement and side experiences that everyone from pretty enthusiastic to super enthusiastic Star Wars superfans will have a great time. As the "ship" gets more worn with actual use over time perhaps they'll set adventures in other Star Wars eras.

It took me a couple of days to work my way through all these videos, but there should be no question: if you love Star Wars and don't mind the price tag then this adventure is for you.

However, those god damn Jedi and their motherfucking Holocron binders full of Force-sensitive children is getting really tired. Also, the Disney marketing people swung and missed advertising this experience with the Imagineer interviews and paid actors as they did.