Get to know the many forms of "Florida Man"

Hey, look, I'm not going to pull any punches here. This video is a long one. It's a little under an hour. If the run time throws you off, let me tell you a little about the star of this here yarn. The star of this documentary is Florida Man. 

Florida Man isn't a person in the tangible sense; Florida Man is an idea. He's more akin to a roving spirit of Lovecraftian insanity—localized to a singular state—that's capable of possessing mortal vessels. Once in Florida Man's thrall, an ordinary man (who may or may not have a mullet and jorts) will become immune to logic or laws. Defying legal and social rules like a falcon defies gravity, Florida Man perpetually propels himself into headlines and discourse with his unstable behavior. One can not simply hope to know Florida Man. Florida Man must either be experienced or exist as a legend.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Very Ape attempted to get into the mind of Florida Man. An impossible task, but at least they tried.