Human leg found on Mars?

Intrepid anomaly hunter Scott Waring—known for spotting Jesus and extraterrestrial robots in Antarctica along with a multitude of strange Martian artifacts—was analyzing this incredible new gigapan image of Mars when he noticed a very strange sight. A leg and foot appear to be sticking out of the Martian soil!

"Not typically what you would expect in a Mars photo, but hey, NASA has been keeping mum about all these alien artifacts on Mars, so they must be real," writes Waring at UFO Sightings Daily. "NASA cannot defend themselves from the truth, but if it were fake, they might try. Now this leg does look human and if this is a statue, then there is more of it under the surface of Mars. Its about half a meter long, which would put a bipedal species at about 1.2 meters tall. There are humans smaller than that!"

What if it's actually a real limb and the rest is indeed buried in the regolith? Or even weirder, what if it isn't part of a statue or a real limb but rather…. a lamp!?

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